Welcome to Light of the Harvest Moon! We are a Harvest Moon based RP forum set on Castanet Island. We have dozens of canon characters from all the games to pick from, but you can always make your own character as well. Feel free to look around our forums and see what insanity the members have been up too.

Slowly, the snow has melted away and the green grass has been poking it's way up. Flowers have begun blooming again, the trees are leafing, and the fish are swimming. However, the entire island is still not at ease. With the continued search for the missing Harvest Sprites, some of the villagers run around frantic worried about what will happen to the island if they don't find all of the sprites. Also, some villagers have noticed that the sea seems...different. Not as gentle as it used to be. However, not that many villagers are worried about it now though. Is it an omen of things to come?


Upcoming Dates
New Years Festival-ONGOING
Flower Festival- Spring 15th
Goddess Festival- Spring 26th

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Member List
Name Level Group Joined Posts Email AOL ICQ Photo
Akida_Wolf Farmer 10-June 10 102 .Email.    
Alex the Bolt Seed 26-July 10 36 .Email. .AIM.  
Alexander Rex Farmer 22-June 10 69 .Email.    
Alstroemeria Seed 24-April 10 37 .Email.    
annachibi Farmer 20-July 10 63 .Email.    
apres-midi Inactive 8-June 10 1 .Email.    
Authenti Inactive 12-May 10 39 .Email.    
Avi Inactive 6-June 10 27 .Email.    
bee Hero 24-April 10 418 .Email.    
Bri Inactive 1-May 10 1 .Email.    
CHASITII Seed 5-September 10 0 .Email.    
CHASSEH Seed 30-August 10 0 .Email.    
dirtySUGAR! Seed 16-August 10 45 .Email.    
Dissolve Inactive 17-May 10 10 .Email.    
doodlebugblues Inactive 1-May 10 34 .Email.    
Elli Seed 4-September 10 2 .Email.    
Enterprise Seed 8-July 10 25 .Email.    
euonym Seed 5-August 10 22 .Email.    
Fran Inactive 5-June 10 9 .Email.    
FrostWynd Farmer 28-June 10 73 .Email.    
Grapophobic Seed 12-June 10 39 .Email.    
Hammykins Inactive 1-May 10 26 .Email.    
hazina Seed 1-August 10 45 .Email.    
HunkyDory Inactive 1-May 10 28 .Email.    
Hurdy Seed 26-June 10 6 .Email.    
Irbe Seed 8-July 10 34 .Email.    
Iris Seed 2-August 10 27      
James Waterflower Inactive 26-July 10 0 .Email.    
Jenna Seed 20-July 10 42 .Email.    
Jess Seed 4-September 10 2 .Email. .AIM.  
Jovia Farmer 10-June 10 111 .Email. .AIM.  
Karma Inactive 26-April 10 1 .Email.    
Kitten Tea Inactive 6-May 10 5 .Email. .AIM.  
Ksdude Seed 26-July 10 13 .Email.    
Little Sister Seed 1-September 10 7 .Email.    
Lucky Inactive 7-July 10 21 .Email.    
meadowsweet Seed 1-May 10 18 .Email.    
Melli Farmer 25-July 10 152 .Email. .AIM.  
mercredi Seed 10-July 10 25 .Email.    
Meushell Seed 5-July 10 26 .Email.    
Michael Seed 8-August 10 12 .Email. .AIM.  
Mirai Inactive 24-April 10 16 .Email. .AIM.  
Mr. Darcy Seed 5-July 10 31 .Email.    
NALASAURUS Farmer 12-June 10 143 .Email.    
NeverEnding Inactive 26-June 10 1 .Email.    
pammie Seed 25-June 10 31 .Email.    
Pepper! Inactive 30-June 10 2 .Email.    
Pesty Farmer 1-September 10 66 .Email. .AIM.  
Pianissmo Farmer 12-June 10 191 .Email. .AIM.  
pixiecode118 Farmer 19-June 10 69 .Email.    
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