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 Cruzerisms, The language of the A-49 Cruzers
Posted: Sep 3 2007, 07:08 PM

Advanced Member

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QUOTE (Eagle Duo @ Sep 2 2007, 09:19 PM)
QUOTE (Hulabird @ Sep 2 2007, 09:12 PM)
QUOTE (Eagle Duo @ Sep 2 2007, 05:41 PM)
Eagle Whisperer = Dr. Sharpe?

Jann got it!!! Very good!

Robin's post made that pop into my mind. Thank you, Robin! thumbUp.gif

You're welcome, Jann. I'm all about teamwork. It takes a village . . . .
I'm glad you could put it all together!
Posted: Sep 3 2007, 07:10 PM

Advanced Member

Group: Members
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Joined: 25-July 06

QUOTE (Manu244 @ Sep 3 2007, 01:25 PM)
The only way I'm ever playing Charades with this group is if Jann, Robin, & Puddles are on my team!!! laugh.gif

One more possible entry......

The BALD and THE BEAUTIFUL - The Cruzers Favorite daily program.
And for Our Nothern Friends: The Cruzers Favourite Daily Program. rolleyes.gif

POSSIBLE entry?? The Bald and the Beautiful is a definite!!
Posted: Sep 9 2007, 09:07 AM

Advanced Member

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I don't know if this one is on the list, but how about, "All My Eaglet's".
Posted: Sep 13 2007, 05:49 PM

Advanced Member

Group: Members
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Joined: 10-August 07

How about these?

cuisine - cruzine

cosmotology - cruzmotology

Lemonade - Limuwnade

Posted: Apr 11 2008, 06:00 AM

Advanced Member

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Cruz Nuz - when IWS gives us an update on the goings on of our girl Cruz
Posted: May 8 2008, 12:10 PM

Advanced Member

Group: Members
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Joined: 8-June 06

CRUZVILLE = The place where all Cruzers live - The Forum.
Courtesy of Marie/mtallent
Posted: May 24 2008, 02:16 AM

Advanced Member

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Joined: 12-November 07

eagletude = exhibited when an eaglet cops an attitude
Posted: Jul 10 2008, 09:36 AM

Advanced Member

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Joined: 12-November 07

Courtesy of LeicaEagle - Nestitecture

Another courtesy of LeicaEagle - Nest Western hotel (with room service)
Posted: Jul 12 2008, 01:17 PM

Advanced Member

Group: Members
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Joined: 27-July 06

Ok as requested and pertaining to Buddy's surgery:

BEAKODONTICS Orthodontics for eagles

BEAKGEAR appliance worn by eagles to align the beak or in human terms headgear/neckgear
Posted: Jul 21 2008, 09:26 AM

Advanced Member

Group: Members
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Joined: 6-June 06

Nestalgia - that sappy sentimental feeling you get when you're reminded the afternoon triangles over Cruz's nest.

Cumbrian photo of PH nest: (2006)

user posted image
Eagle Duo
Posted: Jul 21 2008, 09:55 AM

Advanced Member

Group: Moderators
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Joined: 4-August 06

Bringing the updated list forward to make it easier to find (hopefully). As always, if I've missed anything, let me know.


__ IN THE NEST = logged into the forum

ALL MY EAGLETS = Videos, pictures, updates & chat about the eaglets of the Channel Islands.

ALL'S NOT QUIET on the WEST NESTERN FRONT = drama between the 2 females on the West End nest (see also "As the West HartSpin2.gif Nest Turns")

AS THE EAGLEWORLD TURNS = Story lines put on a series of eagle captures.

AS the WEST HartSpin2.gif NEST TURNS = drama between the 2 females on the West End nest (see also "All's Not Quiet on the West Nestern Front")

AIR CADET = Cruz on fledging.......getting her wings.

AIR CADETS = Other fledglings who also have their wings!

All's quite on the NESTERN FRONT = nobody at home.

BEAK GEEK = Those addicted to watching the nests and anything eagle-related. (see "Eagleholic" also)

BEAKGEAR = appliance worn by eagles to align the beak or in human terms headgear/neckgear.

BEAKODONTICS = Orthodontics for eagles.

BEANIEHOLIC = Obsessed with getting all the stuffed eagles we can find.

BEST NESTERN = birds other than eagle/eaglet residents staying at their nest.

BETTER NESTS & GARDENS = Eagle magazine like "Better Homes & Gardens"

BIRDOVERS = leftover bits of a bird meal.

The BALD and THE BEAUTIFUL = The Cruzers Favorite daily program.

CARUZMA = Cruz Charisma

COLD EAGLE = withdrawal symptoms when your computer crashes and you can't view any eagles.

CRUZ DIRECTOR = KLJinUSA for coordinating details for fall trip to Santa Cruz, Ozzie's welcome party (as well as hosting it), and the spring trip to Santa Rosa.

CRUZ NUZ = when IWS gives us an update on the goings on of our girl, Cruz.

CRUZ-SCHMOOZE = The times when HRH returned to the nest to visit with all of us.

CRUZAIDE = donating to the cause.

CRUZECTOMY = feeling of being cut off from seeing Cruz.

CRUZELLA DE VIL = nickname for the little brat when she was exhibiting hormonal behaviors such as excessive mantling and womantling.

CRUZERSHIP = Membership on this forum.

CRUZICANE = storm of eager Cruz watchers.

CRUZINARY = Dictionary of Cruzerisms....so named for A-49 Cruz, the first eaglet to hatch without human help on any of the Channel Islands since 1949.

CRUZINE = Cruisine

CRUZMOTOLOGY = Cosmotology

CRUZNEYLAND = where the gang is going on Oct 22, 2006...Santa Cruz Island.

CRUZOMETER = The cruise control button in your car.

CRUZSIDE = Crusade

CRUZVILLE = The place where all Cruzers live - The CHIL Forum.

DADBRELLA = Male eagle using his wings to make an umbrella to protect eggs and/or chicks from rain or excessive heat.

DAYS of OUR NESTS = Daily drama on the eagle nests.

DOC SHADOWS - Shadow from the camera equipment on the WE nest that looks like Dr. Sharpe on the nest.
See: http://i101.photobucket.com/albums/m58/Jan...ts/3ec97aac.png

Don't let the NEST BUGS bite. *also see 'N'

DOWN TIME = Time spent surfing the nest, Like that little white feather that floats off the eagle and around the nest.

E-BRANCH = branch at the back of the nest that looks like the letter E from the old camera view.
See: http://i101.photobucket.com/albums/m58/Jan...st/ce47f798.jpg


EAGLE wub.gif TAILS of the WILD & NESTLESS = Saga of K-51's arrival on the WE nest and Wray's reaction to him.

EAGLE DEPOT = Home Depot for nest building supplies.

EAGLE-LY = We are all eaglely waiting for out NTV (Nest TV)

EAGLE McMUFFIN = An Eagle's EggMcmuffin

EAGLE-OSTERONE = Comparible to testosterone.

EAGLE SCOUT = IWS Team members who track and care for our eagles.

EAGLE-TISTICAL = Egotistical


EAGLECENTRIC = as in Eaglecentric Definition.

EAGLEDOM = Area full of eagles and/or eagleholics.

EAGLEFISH BURGER = An Eagle's Burger.

EAGLEOGUE = Detailed report on eagle watching, as in the weekly IWS Updates.

EAGLEHOLIC = As in "My name is _____ and I'm an Eagleholic". Those of us in need of a support group when the cams aren't working or turned off. (see "Beak Geek" also)

EAGLELOVELY = equally lovely.

EAGLELOO = Eagle nest in the snow.

EAGLELOO = as in "That chick did the backward shuffle to use the Eagleloo".

EAGLELUSIONS = Seeing eagles where there aren't any.

EAGLEMONIUM = as in pandemonium when mom brings lunch to the nest and the WE girls advance.

EAGLENGINEERING = Engineering Eagle Style

EAGLEPEDIA = Eagle Encyclopedia.

EAGLETELEPATHY = Telepathy regarding the eagle's movements, etc.

EAGLETISTICAL = excessive preening....or when you think the world revolves around your nest.

EAGLETIVITY = Activity in relationship to eagles.

EAGLETONE = Adult eagle vocalizations as opposed to a chick's peeps.

EAGLETOPIA = A state of mind where your consciousness is filled with images and thoughts of these most magnificent creatures or... the absolutely perfect environment for Eagles.

EAGLETUDE = Eagle or eaglet attitude!

EAGLICINATION = Hallucinating anything about eagles.

EAGLISH = (1) the language of love...the one we all speak; (2) eagle's vocalizations to each other.

EDblue = Nickname given to Jann by Joanie from when she & DH/Dave both posted under the name of Eagle Duo. Jann posted in blue; Dave posted in black. (Also see MIB.)

EEEECHUM = a highly excited sound that the chicks make when they are hungry and being fed ... sounds like a cross between a cry and a hum...it's distinct in nature

'EGG US ALL ON' . . . . to greater achievements . . . . to SHELL out more cash.

EGG-CITEMENT = Excitement

EGG-SCELENT = excellent

EGGS-ACTLY = exactly

EGG-SPECTATION = Waiting for eggs with egg-citement.

EGG-STATIC = Ecstatic

EGGS-RAY = (as opposed to X-Ray) device used to 'candle' the eagle eggs to check on their hatching progress.

FASTEST GUN IN THE NEST = Cumbrian's fast capture finger.

FISH CRUZETTE = white fish fried in butter and garlic.

FISH STICKS = a twig to clean the fish out of your beak.

FLUFFANATOR = Nickname for K10 when he brings in bunches of fluff for his nest.

FLUFFINATING = Fluffing up the nestbowl for the eggs and/or chicklets.

FLYBY = a quick check-in 'on the fly' by forum members when time constraints prevent active participation or lurking.

FLYCATION = Fun times by the eagles in the off season spent flying all around the island while the rest of us suffer through ENS.

FLY MATES = Cruz's friends.

FRED A. STAR = Nickname for 2008 Two Harbor's chick named 'Star' because it seems to be dancing when doing WINGERSIZES (see below).


GROUPIES = We are all groupies now. As in Eagle forum group "groupies".

Day Spa & GYM-NEST-IUM = place little birds like to rest and preen in the nest.

HAPPY BIRD-DAY = Equivalent to wishing someone a Happy Birthday, but for the hatching of our eaglets.

HARPO HAIR = The white fuzz on the top of an eaglets head at approximately 1 month....like the eaglet in Harpo's avatar.

HORNBY WIGGLE = a nickname for the wiggle that eagle parents do over the eggs to get their brood patch in the right spot. A number of us saw the wiggle being done for the first time by the pair of eagles in the Hornby Island, B.C. nest in 2006.

INTERIOR NESTERATOR = Interior decorator to redesign/remodel next years nest.

KEEPING OUR TALONS CROSSED = when we are hoping for some really good news.

KNOWL-EAGLE-ABLE = know lots of eagle information.

LIGHTEN THE LOAD = Poop before taking flight.

LIMUWNADE = Lemonade

MAN-TLING = hiding food from dad - also keeping something to oneself.

MANTLES = An eagle hug.

MASS NESTERIA = what occurs when chronic NESTFUL THINKING causes 2 or more forum members to simultaneously see the same illusion/mirage sometimes making claims that they see pinecones wearing 'WING-BLINGS' while preening.

McEAGLES = The eagle's McDonald's

MEST = the state of the Santa Cruz nest following breeding season.

MIB/MAN IN BLACK = Nickname given to Dave by Joanie when he & DW/Jann both posted under the name of Eagle Duo. Jann posted in blue; Dave posted in black. (Also see EDblue.)

MOMBRELLA = Female eagle using her wings to make an umbrella to protect eggs and/or chicks from rain or excessive heat.

Don't let the NEST BUGS bite. *also see 'D'

NEST BEAUTIFUL - Eagle magazine like "Home Beautiful"

NEST COAST = The west coast of the country, where the eagle's nest is

NEST DEPOT = like Home Depot

NEST DETECTORS = Dr. Sharpe & Steffani

NEST FATHER = Dr. Sharpe AKA "The Father of All Nests"; Cruz's Grand Eagle

NEST, FLUFF & BEYOND = Place to get fluff for the nestbowl.

NEST SERVICE = like 'Room Service'

NEST STOP = like a 'rest stop'. What the nest is being used for while it is vacant.

NEST WESTERN = like Best Western.

NESTABLE MANNERS = Eaglet nest/table manners.

NESTAHOLIC = for those viewing more than one nest.

NESTALGIA = that sappy sentimental feeling you get when you're reminded the afternoon triangles over Cruz's nest.
See: http://i83.photobucket.com/albums/j291/Cum.../Aug13627pm.png

NESTALICIOUS = food brought to the nest for eaglets. Fish is best.

NESTANIMOUS DECISION = Unanimous decision.

NESTARAMA = Drama on the nests.

NESTAROBICS = Exercises on the nest.

NESTATHERAPY = 12 step program we are all on until next season.

NESTAVIST = Patti who knows how to get to those people where it hurts most to listen to the plight of our beloved eagles.

NESTEL = Eagle 'love nest' - 'cheeeeper' than a motel!

NESTER CARPENTER = Master Carpenter.

NESTERIOR DECORATOR = Interior Decorator.

NESTERVATION = A reservation made by K10 and K26 for a night at the nest.

NESTFLIX = screen captures and videos of nests; with or without eagles.

NESTFUL THINKING = as in we want soooooo much to see activity in the nest that our eyes and minds play tricks on us and we see eagles and other visitors that aren't really there.

NESTGAME = whole ball of wax = ballgame = whole other story = whole other hornet's nest = whole other set of problems.

NESTICATION = Cumbrians' "dedication" to the captures!!

NESTINTORY = what the adults need to do to get the list of supplies for rebuilding the nest.

NESTIQUETTE = Nest etiquette....such as NOT pooping on the nest!

NESTITECTURE = as in star was cramming for her entrance exams for the Eagle School of Interior Design and Nestitecture.

NESTITURE = Sticks on the nest....i.e. furniture

NESTIVITIES = The festive activities of eagles in a nest or eagleholic gatherings!

NESTORATION = Restoration - Eagle parents remodeling their nest for new clutch.

NESTOMINIUM = as in: time share on the NESTOMINIUM .

NESTORIAN = Historian of the nest(s) aka Cumbrian/Pat .

NESTOTOS = photos of the nest.

NESTOVATION = Renovation of nest by eagle parents.

NESTOVERS = any tiny scraps left from a previous meal

NESTPLOITATION = Birds other than residing eagles/eaglets using the nest.

NESTPLORATION = exploring the nest over and over to the nth degree.

NESTPECTIONS = Observances by the jay and raven cleanup crew on what is needed to prepare for nestorations.

NESTRAIDERS = Ravens, jays and an assortment of sometimes unidentifiable LBBs ('little brown birds') that are trespassing at the nest.

NESTRISE = Watching the nests come into view at the beginning of the day.

NESTSICK = Eaglets missing their nests. Similar to homesick.

NESTSITTER = Jim Spickler for sitting in the nest while waiting for Cruz to be banded and tagged.

NO EAGLE-ITIS = A withdrawal affliction caused by not being able to see any eagles on any of the nests.

NTV = Nest TV or Nest cam. The whine heard whenever Cruzers are without our nest cam: I WANT MY NTV!!!!!!!!

OBS = as in Nest OBServations

OBSviously = Self-explanatory (OBS is abbreviation for observations)

OED = Obsessive Eagle Disorder

PEAGLET = Piggy Eaglet

PERCHING = (as opposed to lurking) Hanging out on an upper branch of "the nest" reading, observing, and contemplating jumping down and getting into the middle of it all - kinda like wingersizes prior to first flight.

PETE-MOBILE = Vehicle Dr. Sharpe & Steffani use to drive Cruzers around Catalina Island on their IWS tours.

PETE-PETE = eaglet baby talk for Dr. Peter Sharpe.

PS = Short for Poop Shot

PUDDLES = Nickname given to Hulabird by Manu after 'puddling' Joanie out in her picture next to Dr. Sharpe.


SCOOBY DOOING = snooping or looking about with avid interest.

SHARPESTHESIA = Comfort from updates, etc. given by the IWS crew & Dr. Sharpe.

SKY-YARDS = sky area above our own yards.

SKYWAY = the path that the birds fly around the nest then stop for a rest.

SNOOZETTE = an eagle that has tucked its head in and under its wing often seen when they go to sleep for the night

SPREAD-EAGLED = capture of eagle with wings fully extended in front of the camera.

STICKORATING = Arranging sticks just so on the nest.

STICKORATOR = Nickname for K10 who is so precise in placing the sticks on his nest.

SURFING the NEST = surfing IWS material like the internet.

SED = Short for "Sweet Eagle Dreams" a good night greeting among eagleholics.

TALON-TED = (1)Eagles that can build and rebuild/repair nests and hunt successfully; (2) all our posters.

THE BALD & THE BEAUTIFUL = The Cruzer's ongoing Soaps....stories of all the nests.

TRIANGLING DOWN = what the Triangles do at the nest - opposite to Ringing Up which is what the Eagles do when flying on the thermals.

TUCKAROO = when the adult or even a chick picks up bedding with its beak and places it all around itself. This behavior is often seen while the adult is incubating or brooding but the kids do it too when they copying their parents.

TWIGNAPPERS = twig and stick thievery from the nest by NON-owner birds.

UN-FLUNG HERO = IWS crew member Dave.

UNDERBLING (UB) = Underside of WB. Used especially for those who have lost the top side of the WB....i.e. K-01

WINGBLING (WB) = the wing tags put on by the IWS crew.

WINGER = ringer...aka... a bad bird pun.

WINGERS = Short for WINGERCISES (See below)

WINGERCIZES/WINGERCISES = Young eagle exercising their wings building up strength to get ready to fly.

WINGOFF = When 2 eaglets on the same next do wingercises at the same time.

WINGOVER = the morning after the night before when Cruz went cruzing!

WINGPITS = armpits for wings.

WING UP = (kind of like heads up). When somebody announces an eagle alert they are giving us a 'wing up'.

WOMAN-TLING = hiding food from mom.

THE YOUNG and the NESTLESS = A soap opera about all of us who are suffering from empty nest syndrome.

ZONE (as IN THE ZONE) = Female eagles showing the posture for laying an egg
Posted: Nov 24 2015, 11:37 AM

Advanced Member

Group: Members
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Joined: 28-May 10

Oh no Jann,

One more, Wray's Wrock?

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