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CHIL EagleCAM > Nest Observations > Nest Watch – Friday, October 6, 2017

Posted by: Cumbrian Oct 5 2017, 11:05 PM
Announce.gif PLEASE READ

The Nest Observations/Nest Watch thread remains open .. as long as there are cameras .. which are operational .. to watch.

Normally the VCOE and the IWS work on the cam equipment during the fall/winter .. so the cams may go off from time to time .. but we are normally advised by them if they are working in the area.

Times of events/changes on a nest are a great help to those of us who video when we are editing the footage.

Just a few Gentle Reminders about posting on this thread. (Helps to save time when reading through it.)

Please remember that it is the CHANNEL ISLANDS NESTS ONLY .. either on or off camera .. that we post our observations/comments about.

There are FIVE IWS nests with cameras online .. so it is important to know WHICH NEST you are observing.

Please put the Initials at the start of your post.

. . .BC = Bald Canyon on San Clemente Island -
. . . FP = Fraser Point - Temporarily unavailable
. . .SC = Sauces Canyon (WMP) - Temporarily unavailable
. . .SC = Sauces Canyon - Temporarily unavailable - VCOE & NPS doing some major changes.
. . .SC = Sauces Canyon (Explore) - Temporarily unavailable - See Above.
. . .TH = Two Harbors (Explore) -
. . .TH2 = Two Harbors (new nest) -
. . .THO = Two Harbors Overlook (Explore) -
. . .WE = West End - Temporarily unavailable - See
. . .WEO = West End Overlook -

These nests are all in California ... so it's Pacific Time on this coast.

We prefer that the Quote Button is not used on this thread ... and if you must use it ... because you are referring to something on a previous page ... then take TEXT only ... never captures or video.


Posted by: Cumbrian Oct 5 2017, 11:06 PM
Announce.gif No Videos Taken Yesterday

Posted by: Cumbrian Oct 5 2017, 11:06 PM
“A request from Dr. Sharpe”

QUOTE (Eagle Guy @ Mar 28 2011, 09:34 AM)
We are recording the activity at the Two Harbors and West End nests so that we can identify all the prey brought to the nests to calibrate the results of the nest excavations at the end of the season. I'd appreciate if you could continue to report the times that prey are brought to the nest so that later we can go through the recordings more quickly to identify the items. Thanks.

QUOTE (Eagle Guy @ Mar 28 2011, 10:35 AM)
Maybe prey delivery posts could be started with  FishyBlu.gif even if it is a bird or unidentified,  so that we can spot them more easily.

To make it easier for the biologists to see the prey deliveries, please limit the use of the blue fish to prey deliveries only.

Begin your post with the nest initials, followed by the time of delivery & the blue fish.

QUOTE (Eagle Guy @ May 12 2011, 04:45 PM)
We are recording prey deliveries at all the online nests, so please continue to use the blue fish for deliveries at any nest.

Thank you!

Posted by: Cumbrian Oct 5 2017, 11:07 PM
Have you registered for the forum and are waiting to be validated and/or wondering why you can't post?

If so, please be sure to watch for and answer an e-mail from a moderator (usually Eagle Duo).
We need your answer before we can validate your membership.
This is just one of the safeguards we use to keep our forum family-friendly.

If you haven't seen a letter from us, please check your spam folder before emptying/deleting it.
You MUST answer this letter before you can become a forum member!

If you can't find this e-mail, send an e-mail to, and we'll help you.

p.s. Do you know someone who has registered for the forum and are waiting to be validated and/or wondering why they can't post yet?
If so, please be sure to pass on the above information.

Posted by: Cumbrian Oct 5 2017, 11:07 PM
Posted 10/01/17 - Questions & Dr. Sharpe's Answers on the IWS All-Nest Cam site:

Question: Will the new TH view stream on Explore as well?
Answer: "I'm not sure if their power system can run both cameras, so we may have to switch between them and hope the birds use one of these nests."

Question: How far above the water is it?
Answer: "About 200 feet."

Question: Is this nest smaller than the other?
Answer: "This one is only a couple feet in diameter."

Question: wiper?
Answer: "No. Explore did not want to provide another camera system, so this is the old camera from the West End nest."

Question: Speaking of West End. hows' that coming along?
Answer: "We put 1200 feet of power cable in conduit yesterday. We hope to be able to replace parts at the camera in the next two days to power the camera."

Posted by: Eagle Duo Oct 6 2017, 10:07 PM
new_036.gif New Cam Links

Announce.gif BC = Bald Canyon -

Announce.gif TH2 = Two Harbors (2) -

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