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 Spotted This Pic On Fb
Posted by Quickrack-Alan - 09-8-17 10:47 - 5 comments
user posted imageFB more
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 Driveline Vibrations
Posted by mk2dk - 08-27-17 07:01 - 4 comments
As mentioned before, I've been struggeling with driveline vibrations on my Escort since day one. Tried every solution I could think of and nothing helped. Had my drive shaft shortened and balanced, eventhough is was a brand new single p more
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 Rally Tyres
Posted by leroy - 07-10-17 21:14 - 4 comments
Does anyone use road legal rally tyres on their escorts, I'm finding it hard to get nice set of 15" at reasonable price, either they are odd size or crazy money. I can get lightly used intermediate Michelin's for very good money and the more
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 1.3 Engine Number
Posted by sideways - 06-22-17 22:02 - 2 comments
Hi ,can any one post a pic or tell me the location of the engine number on a 1.3 escort engine and should the engine number and chassis number be the same ?
Thanks Paul .
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 Washer Bottle Location
Posted by Guerin555 - 06-12-17 19:59 - 4 comments
Im thinking of relocating my washer bottle from inside the engine bay of the escort to try get as clean of a look i can get in the engine bay,I was thinking of putting it inside the arch but dont want to drill a hole to fill it up the bottle,any tho more
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 Mk 2 Escort Running Problem
Posted by carl - 06-12-17 18:42 - 5 comments
Hi Lads
went to a car show yesterday after a half hour run up the motor way it started spluttering and was finding it hard to start I opened the bonnet and the fuel filter was fairly empty I left it for 2 or so hours got back into it and start more
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 Mk2 Mexico Rep
Posted by MichaelBMk2 - 06-8-17 07:13 - 0 comments
Does anyone know the Yellow Mk2 Mexico Replica that's just gone up for sale on DoneDeal? Co. Meath.
mk2esc.gif ...<a href="">read more</a></td>
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 Mk 2 Escort Gear Selector
Posted by carl - 06-6-17 17:07 - 2 comments
Hi Lads

My mk2 escorts gearstick is getting wobble I'm getting gear but its getting dodgy putting into first it could be put into reverse very easily any ideas
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Posted by MichaelBMk2 - 05-30-17 08:50 - 7 comments
Are XR3i's really making this kind of money?

S1 RS Turbo's seem to be going for 20K +. more
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 Non Vacuum Distributor
Posted by sideways - 05-13-17 20:38 - 2 comments
Hi lads
Getting my twin 45s rebuild and proper jets put in them and while I am at it I might as well as well fix the dizzy. It is a vacuum dizzy taking a vacuum of one of the manifold inlets , I want to change this can I get my dizzy modified more
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