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 1.6 Xflow No Spark
Posted by carl - 11-5-17 14:10 - 2 comments
Hi Lads

Went to start car today was spinning over no problem but wont start ive no spark at either spark plug or points rotar arm is turning no porb
Any ideas
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 Trying Flicker
Posted by prs - 10-28-17 20:22 - 2 comments
popped down to have a look here today, guy asked me to park beside the red transit 2c.gif

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 Windscreen Wipers
Posted by mk2dk - 10-27-17 15:59 - 3 comments
Driving in rain made it very obvious, my wipers couldn't be trusted. Seen it before and think it's kind of an Escort thing. Decided to pull the wiper motor apart and give it a good clean. If the car has the RS2000 glovebox/clock it& more
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Posted by maxrs - 10-24-17 13:36 - 12 comments
Hi guys, I'm thinking of selling my mk2. How much should I be asking for it. Genuine Gcat,fully rebuilt by crannagh. Has a 5speed box, panhard rod, sunroof and 7.5j wheels with yokohama s. Some of you will know the car. Thanks . Kieran.
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 Electronic Kits
Posted by FoMoCo - 10-19-17 17:05 - 4 comments
Consumer Advice.

I recently purchased 1 of each of these kits to use on the xflow.
I thought I would share experience on here.
Both of these appear to be the main sets which are available on Ebay at the moment. I purchased the more
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 Gone Into Winter Sleep
Posted by mk2dk - 10-9-17 04:26 - 1 comments
Hi all.
Weather is getting worse every day in Denmark, I think this seasson has ended for the Escort. Tucked away in a corner, with a nice warm cover, waiting for spring to arrive Read 117 times - last comment by Mugshot   Print email

 Spotted This Pic On Fb
Posted by Quickrack-Alan - 09-8-17 10:47 - 5 comments
user posted imageFB more
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 Driveline Vibrations
Posted by mk2dk - 08-27-17 07:01 - 4 comments
As mentioned before, I've been struggeling with driveline vibrations on my Escort since day one. Tried every solution I could think of and nothing helped. Had my drive shaft shortened and balanced, eventhough is was a brand new single p more
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 Rally Tyres
Posted by leroy - 07-10-17 21:14 - 4 comments
Does anyone use road legal rally tyres on their escorts, I'm finding it hard to get nice set of 15" at reasonable price, either they are odd size or crazy money. I can get lightly used intermediate Michelin's for very good money and the more
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 1.3 Engine Number
Posted by sideways - 06-22-17 22:02 - 2 comments
Hi ,can any one post a pic or tell me the location of the engine number on a 1.3 escort engine and should the engine number and chassis number be the same ?
Thanks Paul .
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