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 Maps, of Buffalo Creek Bay & The Wilds
Posted: Feb 19 2011, 04:45 AM

Chuck Norris approved!
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Town Map


The image is rather large so you must click the link to preview.

1. Dusty Trail [Main Street]
2. Hanna's Mercantile
3. Train Station
--3a. Stock Yard
4. First Chance Saloon and Inn, gallows out front
[In the old days if a court house was not available most town
meetings, hearings and trials took place in the saloon, the gallows
were not far away.]
5. Blacksmith and Livery
6. Medical Clinic
7. Sheriff's Office
--7a. Jail House
--7b. Land Office
8. Church
--8a. Buffalo Creek Cemetery
9. Post Office & Telegraph Office
--9a. The Stagecoach (not labeled)
10. Village Housing
--10a. Bird Cage
11. Boarding House
12. Orphanage
13. Schoolhouse
--13a. Stable for school kids and teacher (Their horses of course)
14. Scarborough Bank
15. Drifter's Camp
--15a. Ramshackle Racecourse
17. Buffalo Creek Gentleman's Club and Theater
--17a. Scool Buildings
--17b. Private Stables
--17c. Polo Field

16. Market Street(NPC shops that are not claimed IC are available for
"purchase/claiming" and can then be converted into whatever the new
owner desires, click the links to be taken to the shop's page.)



--A. 201 West Market St.

Percy's Leather Dealer of leather goods; chaps, dusters, belts, boots, jackets, etc.

--B. 203 West Market St.

Aldan Alterations Tailoring Clothing repairs, alterations, refitting, custom orders, etc.

--C. 205 West Market St.

Winston's Saddlery Saddle dealer, repairs, cleaning service, custom catalogue orders, imports.

--D. 207 West Market St.

Undertaker and Funeral Service Everything one needs to lay a loved one to rest; coffins, custom ordered headstones, arrangements and services for funerals.

--E. 209 West Market St.

Asly Apothecary Seller of medicines, herbs and tobacco, dyes, minor surgeries and medical advice.

--F. 211 West Market St.

Buffalo Creek Grocer Seller of comestible dry goods by the pound.

--G. 213 West Market St.

Calveley Law Office Practicing attorney and offers of legal advice.

--H. 215 West Market St.

Louis' Imports Imports from Europe; clothing, fine China, Italian leathers, even exotic live animals.

--I. 217 West Market St.

Aunt Kristy's A small dine in restaurant that serves good country food.

--J. 219 West Market St.

Lester's Gardening Supplies Supplier and dealer of gardening equipment, small plants, bulbs and seeds as well as some fresh seasonal produce.

--K. 221 West Market St.

Arms Dealer Seller of firearms including revolvers, rifles and shotguns as well as ammo and cavalry swords, also offers ordering service through catalogues.


--L. 202 East Market St.

Mystique's Women's high fashion store, specializes in ball and wedding gowns and bride’s maids dresses.

--M. 204 East Market St.

Fleur de Lune Dealer of musical instruments, sheet music, spare parts and instrument repairs and tune ups.

--N. 206 East Market St.

Champion Arts Dealer of fine art, also gives lessons and offers import service.

--O. 208 East Market St.

Martinho's Portuguese bakery, deli and restaurant.

--P. 210 East Market St.

Stone's Masonry Offers bricking service and other masonry from stone to tile, also makes headstones.

--Q. 212 East Market St.

Over The Pond Importer of foreign foods; Oriental, Italian, French and English cuisine.

--R. 214 East Market St.

Gamble's Bakery and Ice Cream Shoppe Seller of ice cream in many flavors and various baked goods including pies and pastries.

--S. 216 East Market St.

Steve's Pawn Buyer and seller of various wares from guns, jewelry and gold to horses, tack and small properties.

--T. 218 East Market St.

Madame Margaret's Nature Emporium Seller of various animals; cats birds, dogs, ponies, pigs, etc. As well as garden décor and plants.

Addresses for businesses are included on this page.
Mailing addresses may vary, most stores are listed as
Suite A if the upstairs room is being used as a
residence for a tenant or the owner. If a residency
resides in the upstairs of an establishment it will
be addressed as Suite B.

The Wilds' Map

Summer Map
Fall Map
Winter Map
Spring Map

The images are rather large so you must click the links to preview.

1. Plains
--Takes up the majority of the area, tall grasses with interspersed
trees and large sun bleached boulders, this is where the buffalo roam
especially up north toward the foothills where water is more plentiful;
coyotes, prairie dogs, badgers, wolverines, mule deer, elk and the
swift pronghorn antelope also inhabit this area. Coachwhip snakes also
hang around to prey on gophers, black racers, rat snakes and rattlers
can also be found here so watch your step. Birds include the burrowing
owl, great horned owl, bald and golden eagles, falcons, crows, prairie
chickens, sage grouse, Canadian geese (seasonal), and numerous
song birds such as blue birds, black birds, chickadees, sparrows and
meadow larks.
2. Buffalo Creek
--The crick the town is named after is a branch of the Crow Creek
which is a part of the South Platte River and cuts through the cliffs
to the south and runs along the base of the foothills and floods the
plains during the spring runoff. The waters are inhabited by trout,
bass, catfish, otters and unfortunately beavers, muskrat, snapping
turtles and cotton mouth snakes. However when flooding occurs it
cuts off all access by the indians to the town, unless they are stuck
in town unable to return home for a few months.
3. Forest
--The forest takes up the south eastern portion of the region,
flourishing around the rich flood plains of the Buffalo Creek and
surrounds the town, most of the trees are conifers. This is where the
largest population of whitetail deer can be found, but one may
occasionally run upon a bobcat, black bear, moose as well as the rare
grizzly. Raccoons, ground squirrels, chipmunks, cottontail, porcupine,
skunks, tree squirrels, weasels and black footed ferrets live here. For
the avid trapper it may be worthy to note that mink and marten are
numerous here.
4. Lake
--A collection of run off and flood water from the foothills and creek
formed this lovely lake where catfish are plentiful but preyed upon by
whooping and sandhill cranes and snapping turtles.
5. Mountains
--The gently rolling foothills of the towering Rockies to the east of
the town cast the land in shadow in the mornings until the sun peeks
over them. They are capped in snow from November to May when it
melts and floods the creek, nourishing the plains. Coyotes, red fox,
big horn sheep, lynx and a rare mountain lion are common to the area.
6. Canyons
--A complicated system of cliffs, caves, caverns and formations to the
south of the town is the perfect place for outlaws to hide out, or
rattlers, mountain lions and goats.
7. The Indian Village
--This is where the area's mixed tribe of natives resides, they are
mostly Sioux forcefully relocated by the US army stationed at Fort
Collins, but they are usually peaceful.
8. The town of Buffalo Creek Bay
--Founded in 1856 by a group of drifters, this town is now prospering
despite most of the towns in the area profiting from the gold rush, this
post gold rush town is still kicking when most buckled under and
disappeared when the veins ran dry in the early 60's. There are now
over thirty established buildings as the town continues to grow day by
day after a split from the Denver Pacific brought more commerce to
the area. The Denver Pacific can take residents of Buffalo Creek Bay
to Denver to the south, and when the line is complete in June of 1870
it will also connect Buffalo Creek to Cheyenne, Wyoming and the rest
of the country as it hooks up with the great Union Pacific Rail Road.
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