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 Billy, Back In Town, Open
Billy Thompson
Posted: Mar 14 2012, 04:05 AM


Spring 13, 1868

user posted image
He tossed his coat on the bar, William had taken a leave back to DC for a few days to report in to the President. Things didn't go so well when he found out Thompson tossed away the Marshal badge he was given. Billy had let Zay slip right out of Jail that morning and both men took off for a bit out of Buffalo Creek Bay to lay low. Zay was reported dead, as according to Billy anyway, which was far from the truth.

Tossing his coat onto the bar, he dug into his pocket for a few pieces of currency. Tossing it down in front of him as he awaited for whomever was working to set some whiskey down in front of him. Buffalo Creek Bay, yeah this place seemed well enough to just lay off for a while and maybe try to start over. Deadshot was still being reported around but no one had actually say they ran right into him. This place, this place seemed quiet enough for the moment.

Billy took off his hat for a moment, running a hand through his hair before placing the hat back on his head.

"Anyone here?"

He glanced up looking around when he realized he was the only one there, maybe they weren't officially open yet. Thompson by this point was probably known by quite a few of the people around here. After that whole mess in the Jailhouse a lot of people weren't forgetting that incident it seemed.

TBC: Anyone Please smile.gif
Minnie Cooper
Posted: Mar 18 2012, 09:47 PM


Minnie shaded her eyes as she stepped out of the dusty main road onto the porch of the Saloon. It was a good day, and she hadn’t needed to take any tonic this morning. The sun didn’t hurt her head as she walked through the town as it usually had. In any case though, she still didn’t know why the madam had picked a place so far off to be the brothel, the best business came from here.

She untied her sun bonnet, brushing some pieces of hair out of her face as her eyes adjusted to the dimmer light of the Saloon. Her bonnet hung limply from her fingers as she smiled faintly at the sight of the man at the bar. It was dead today though, she only had the one chance.

She shook dust from the hem of her skirt and brushed at her hair lightly. Her lips and cheeks were already rouged heavily Pulling down the shoulders of her dress just a bit to deepen the neckline, she coughed as delicately as she could , attempting to catch the man’s attention. As he turns, Minnie smiled brightly. She walked towards him briskly, getting close before he had the chance to ignore her.

She placed her bonnet on the bar next to his coat and leaning against it. “Well, hello there, friend.” She said softly, inclining her head towards him.

“I do make it my business to now all the handsome men here in town, and it’s simply a travesty we two haven’t become acquainted yet, don’t you think?” She placed her hand against his wrist. “I’m Minnie, sweetheart. And it’d be dreadful nice to get acquainted better.”
Billy Thompson
Posted: Mar 19 2012, 03:11 AM


William chuckled to himself the minute she spoke and touched him, one of two things was happening here...she was either looking for a quick buck, or she was looking to steal from him. Billy had seen it all with his travels these last few years, he himself had swindled and stolen enough to spot it a mile away. When she tried to get nicely acquainted to him...he wasn't about to give into her.

"While I appreciate the compliment young lady, I am not looking for a quick lay around here....Just a drink and some food."

He had been past here before, on that morning he got the drink and the food, but unlike that was dead and no one was really around. Thompson reached into his pocket for a moment, taking out a few dollars and tossing it down in front of her, in the end no doubt what she was looking for no matter the circumstance.

"For anything you may have THOUGHT you could get from me."
Minnie Cooper
Posted: Mar 19 2012, 03:43 AM


Minnie’s eyes went to the few dollars he’d placed on the bar, and her face burned. She was no crib whore, renting out a stall with a cot. She was worth at least double this, ten dollars at the least. Her lips tightened into a line before she composed herself. The town was dead today, and now she wasn’t going to give up without a fight.

”I’ve food and drink at mine, sugar. Plenty. I know a hard-working man like yourself must need a little refreshment. “ She tucked a strand of hair behind her hair, looking up at him in what seemed like admiration.

“I’ll tell you a secret, sweetheart, the service here is awful. You need a woman’s touch with your meal, trust me.” She whispered softly, almost intimately, as if she were sharing a great secret.
She touched his shoulder gently with one hand, the other placing itself firmly on the few dollars he’d placed down, sliding them back towards him.

“I’m not a charity case, I work honest. She says absently, then tilting her head to better look at him. ”Now, I just want to get to know you, just tell me your name sugar.”

Billy Thompson
Posted: Mar 19 2012, 04:58 AM


"You'd do yourself an awful big favor on my part if you just tell me what you want darlin'."

His head turned toward her, alright so he had figured out she wasn't working here. He took the money from the bar counter and stuffed it back into his pocket. Now the only question was, what exactly was she after. Awfully big deal if she was just looking for some evening entertainment this early morning.

"I would imagine if someone around here knew you were trying to take there business, you'd have a few enemies. That being said, I highly doubt you'd risk that."
Minnie Cooper
Posted: Mar 19 2012, 02:19 PM


“Aw, sugar, why so rude? I’m a nice girl, don’t you be mean to me now.” Minnie pouted, feigning offense. “And you know, I still don’t have your name. Insult on insult!”

She stood up more, unbuttoning another button on her dress to reveal more skin, making a show of fanning herself. She laughs as he warns her against the Saloon owner. “They won’t even know if I just steal you away. Terrible service, terrible. A travesty. And you know, sweetheart, I have real good service.”

Minnie grins, almost laughing at her self as she inclines her head towards them again, as if they were two friends sharing a secret. “I would just love to take you back to mine and take care of you.” She says softly, innuendo fairly dripping from her voice.

Billy Thompson
Posted: Mar 20 2012, 01:46 AM


Billy grabbed his coat, putting it over his shoulders and slipping his arms through the sleeves. Once more he removed his hat, ran a hand through his hair and placed it back on his head. Was she really that anxious to get something from him? She was trying awfully hard anyway.

"I am one to assume you are looking to get paid, so why don't we skip all this. You can name your price and I can hand over any expense that you need."

Turning toward her Thompson removed a wade of bills from his pocket, probably more than a lot had seen come out of one pocket in these times. He glanced down at the money then back up to Minnie.

"William Thompson doesn't take to kindly to someone trying to rob him if that is indeed your intention. Also to say anyone has ever gotten away with it without getting a few bullets in them would be an understatement."

Billy had done his fair share of swindling people out of there money, not that this was what she was doing but he knew the routine and he was only being cautious.

"Now if you are serious, this fellow could use a good meal after camping by a fire for damn near two months."
Minnie Cooper
Posted: Mar 20 2012, 02:43 AM


Minnie looked at the money he offered somewhat contemptuously, before glancing back up at him, smile firmly in place. “ You know, I do love a smart man, a man who looks out for himself. I love a man like that. Now, I do have a price, but I don’t take nothing without earning it. Easy way to get trouble, and I ain’t no trouble at all, handsome.” She looked a bit nervously as he pulled on his coat. She wasn’t losing a customer today. Today was meant to be a good day. “I can give you ten dollars a throw, sugar. I usually ask for more, but someone so good-lookin’ don’t come around every day.” She grinned, touching her hands to coat.

“William, did you say your name was? Ooh, I do like that name. Anyone call you Billy, sweetheart? That was my first beau’s name, you know.” Men liked to hear that, Minnie reflected. She’d picked it up from another girl she used to work with. So, Billy Thomas Johnny Danny Joe was always the name of her first beau.

“ Anyways, course I mean it, Billy. Does this look like a girl who would be lying to you? Like I said, I’m a dreadful nice girl.” She lifted her bonnet over her hair delicately, looking up at him through her lashes. “Listen, you come home with me, I’ll get you a drink and something nice to eat, and then we can talk about the other things I can do for you, and the price..”
Billy Thompson
Posted: Mar 21 2012, 02:26 AM


"I only ask that you do one thing there, stop with all the lying...I can spot it a mile away."
Billy smirked to himself when he heard that her husband was named Billy Thomas. TOO much of a coincidence with that one. Some men may have not picked up on it but with the way he's worked before, he knew the trick all too well.
"I don't much appreciate being lied to, much rather a woman speak her mind and be truthful than try to fill heads with lies, no offense."
Yeah, this coming from a guy who made it a point to lie at times to get what he wanted, get out of things he needed to get out of, or just plain get what he wanted all around. Who knows if she was actually being truthful things might go smoother, hell he could appreciate her trying to earn a few bucks, nevermind how she did it.
Minnie Cooper
Posted: Mar 21 2012, 02:06 PM


Letting her smile falter for the first time, Minnie scowled. He was one of those. Always one who didn’t play with euphemism and flirtation, refused to be playfully seduced. It was downright boring, and it made her feel cheap. “How would you even know if my sweetheart’s name was Billy, hm?” She wrinkled her nose, sighing, and then looking directly up at him.

“Ruin the fun of it, why don’t you? Fine then. I’ll level with you, sugar. It’s ten dollars for a decent meal, which is mostly booze, and you get to have me along with it. As you can see, it’s slow as molasses today, and I need some work. And before you even dare touch that damn wallet again, I’m not taking your money without you havin’ me.” Minnie snorted, punctuating her words. “And I’ll just say, since we’re all speakin’ our minds here, you’re a real pain and I’m sure not the first girl that’s told you that, I reckon.” She flicked a strand of hair out of her face.

“Now, if you’ve had enough of my chatting and telling the truth, can I go back to doing my job and take you back to the house with me, or will I need to find some damn more sensible man who knows how to enjoy a good lie by a pretty girl?”

Samuel Felix
Posted: Mar 21 2012, 06:58 PM

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Group: Townfolk
Posts: 74
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Joined: 31-March 11

user posted image

Spring 13/April 8th, 1869
About 8am

Sam had been in the back all morning trying to figure out his new cash register he had ordered from National. It was nearly all copper with some brass and quite shiny. The saloon owner wouldn’t be installing it until later more than likely he needed to train everyone on it as well and his barmaid wouldn’t be coming in until noon but she would probably resent the contraption, refuse to use it. Registers were for stores like the mercantile or the grocer up on Market Street, not a bar. But Felix was broadening his horizon a little, a big catalog now resided on the counter where customers could come in and order imports through the saloon, a little unorthodox but he charged a smaller tax and order fee than the mercantile.

After the new register was sorted out he went out back to the ice shed to check on his stock, still covered in a layer of sawdust it was holding up nicely but after the shootout it seemed the doc’s office wanted ice for medical purposes. So he was running a little low in March and now it was April he was still low even after he started charging customers extra for liquor on the rocks. Looking off into the mountains this morning he wondered if it would be financially beneficial to send someone up into the towering peaks to gather ice, again. Well whatever he decided to do it was a tough call, however it would have to be made by June otherwise the ice would be gone off the top of that mountain until late autumn, around his fifty-fifth birthday.

To be honest he felt a little discouraged with himself when he walked in through the back and heard voices in the dining room, checking his pocket watch he thought surely no one was at the bar this early in the morning. Sam’s regular cook had not even come to work yet so he made haste to fix a pot of coffee and stood idly by listening to the conversation like the prying man he was. Hey it was his place he had the right to know what was being spoken of in his bar and what he heard displeased him. Listening to them further he finally stepped from the back and offered the man his complementary first cup of coffee, “Good morning Sir, ma’am . . .” he greeted the both of them with an air of professionalism and friendliness, “The first cup is on the house but I’m sure what this adventuress is offering is nothing more than a roll in the hay that even a greenhorn would call, mediocre at best.” it was a little early but Sam decided to have his coffee with a touch of bourbon and eyed the soliciting young woman, “I got breakfast in the back if you’re interested Bill, or you can go have that beer she’s offerin, not much of a breakfast if ya ask me.” to drive his point home he looked the woman up and down with a less than impressed guise, “Ya know since my service here is so . . . awful.” he took a sip of his coffee and returned his attention to the young woman, “Don’t make me ask ya t’take yer leave, I don’t usually bother to extend much kindness to a business thieving strumpet.”
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