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Yuffie Kisaragi
Posted: Sep 9 2011, 05:44 AM

White Rose of Wutai

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Faris Scherwiz
: Faris sneaks up on the enemy when they’re otherwise distracted and swipes their goods. This has a 30% chance of success rate. Plot Related Items Only
Cure : Faris uses the blessings of the Wind crystal to restore minimal health to her allies and heal small injuries.
Thunder : Uses the black magic gifted by the Wind crystal to her to call down a simple bolt of lightning onto her enemies.
Experience: 6,784

Yuffie Kisaragi user posted image
Greased Lightning: Yuffie lunges at her enemy with her shuriken slashing at the enemy multiple times dealing double the normal damage. Has a cool down of 4 posts.
Cure 1 : Yuffie uses her Restore materia to heal her or her allies minor injuries. Materia upgrades to Cure 2 and 3 and Regen
Bolt 1 : Using her Lightning materia Yuffie calls down a single bolt of lighting from the sky to hit a single enemy. Materia Upgrades to cast Bolt 2 and 3
experience: 7,451

user posted image Thief of Light
Quick Feet:Well aware he's not the strongest fighter in the group, the Thief of Light relies on his speed to evade 10% of most physical attacks. This doesn't include special abilities, and he is less likely to be able to dodge magic.
Sneak Attack: The Thief will sometimes manage to sneak around behind an enemy. Any damage dealt from this angle will doubled, however the blow only has a 35% chance of striking the opponent.
Multi-hit: the Thief's speed will sometimes allow him to land multiple hits on the enemy before him, but only if the previous attack successfully strikes. At this level the most he can land is three hits.
Experience: 2,391

user posted image
White Magic : As a paladin, Beatrix can use limited white magic. Spells available: Cure. She is able to heal minor wounds
Seiken : Beatrix is able to use Special sword techniques. Currently available: Thunder Slash- Beatrix's sword attack does minor thunder damage to her enemy. This can be used once every 3 posts. Seiken will be upgradable 3 times.
Superior Swordsmanship: Beatrix is renowned for being the best swordswoman around, having no remorse for cutting down the enemies of Alexandria or her Queen.
Experience: 5,298

Rikku user posted image
Mix : When under serious pressure, Rikku uses the items available in her inventory to mix together for special bonus effects.
Available Mixes :
Potion + Grenade= Ultra Potion a curative item that can restore up to 50% of her allies HP. Mix can only be used once per thread, given that the required items are still available.
Bomb fragment+Grenade= Heat Blaster, deals moderate fire damage to one opponent.

Items : Rikku carries items around to use in her mixing. Current Inventory Available: Potion, Grenade, Bomb Fragment. If she uses these items separately, she will be unable to mix. Inventory upgrade to more stuff, leading to more mix options.
Machina expertise : Rikku's Al Bhed machina knowledge makes it possible for her to dismantle or operate any machine with ease.
Experience: 1,071

user posted image Rhyme Bito
Squirrel Leisure: A pin that allows Rhyme to restore 10% -15% when the boost of Sparkles Charge is applied- of her allies health, healing only the simplest of injuries. This pin may only be used four times per thread.
Sparkles Charge: Boosts the effect of Rhyme's healing abilities by 5%. This pin's boost will only last for one use per thread.
Long Live the Ice: Rhyme uses this pin to cast Blizzard on her opponent. This ability can only be used three times per thread.
Experience: 2,025

user posted image

Sense the Darkness
: As one of the Princesses Of Heart, Aurora has the ability to sense forces of darkness
Repel the Darkness : Princess Aurora can use the light in her heart to hold back the darkness for a short amount of time. The more Princesses of Heart she's with, the more effective. For now she can repel 2 Shadows on her own.
A gift of Magic: Aurora can use low level spells. For now she only knows Cure which heals minor wounds.
Experience: 1,553

Cecil Harvey user posted image
Job Augment
: Cecil relies on his abilities as both a Paladin and a Dark Knight to face his foes. Both jobs have very specific abilities that can only be used by that particular job. Cecil can switch between these classes once every three posts.
Dark Knight
: Cecil wields the power of Darkness at the expense to his own health. By first striking an enemy with his sword, then following it up with a burst of dark energy, Cecil can do up to 1.5x the normal level of damage. This attack has a cool down of two posts.
White Magic
: As a Paladin Cecil can use basic level spells. Currently available is Cure, which heals minor injuries of himself or his allies.
Experience: 1,350

user posted image Courtyard Droll
A Look of Innocence: With a tilt of his head, CD blinks up at his enemy, his complete confusion at the situation sometimes slowing their movements. Only works on those who give a shit. (So I imagine it functions like Slow.)
Oh look, a Distraction! : CD is distracted from whatever it is he's doing, leading to his complete and utter confusion, leading him to flip the fuck out and flail about uselessly.
Cluelessness: Both a curse, and a blessing, the Courtyard Droll is oblivious to all that's going on around him. Since he doesn't know whats going on, he makes a random choice that can either help, or hurt him.
Experience: 1,230

user posted image Xaldin
Aero:: A minor wind spell that damages one opponent.
Corridor of Darkness:: As with the other members of Organization XIII, Xaldin is capable of opening passageways through the darkness to move about worlds.
Dragoon Pawns Level 1: Xaldin can summon forth one low leveled Dragoon nobody to do his fighting for him. However, this pawn only sticks around for up to two posts unless defeated sooner.

Jadeiteuser posted image
Spell Sword: Trained as a military officer, Jadeite knows how to handle a sword, and can briefly add a hint of ice to the blade of his sword to attack his opponent with.
Freeze: As depicted in the manga, Jadeite can freeze small inanimate objects. This doesn't last long, nor can it work on people.
Syphon: Jadeite can steal a very small amount of energy from his enemy, but not enough to cause exhaustion or weakness in his opponent.

user posted imageDenzel

user posted image
Sora Takenouchi
A Chosen One: Sora is a digidestined, and thus chosen to save the digital world. Using her digivice, Sora can emit a bright flash of light which can attempt to hold back an evil force. It also allows her to see the other digidestined's locations if they are within range.
Partner:Sora's partner in battle who knows one attack move. Currently, Sora's partner is an egg , and thus unavailable for any reason, but in time, a Nyokimon will hatch. For Clarification: This ability upgrades to allow access to further digi-evolutions: Nyokimon, Yokomon, Biyomon, Birdramon and with the use of the tag and crest, Garudamon. After obtaining Biyomon, her digimon will remain in that form unless digivolving, the exception being having digivolved to her ultimate form, Garudamon, at which point she'd revert back to Yokomon for the remainder of the thread. Sora's partner will be able to digivolve to the higher levels- Birdramon and Garudamon- for up to 3 posts before reverting back to Biyomon, too tired/hungry to digivolve again for some time. Sora's partner is unable to warp digivolve. In other words, it works like this.

Chie Satonakauser posted image
Skewer: A light physical attack that only does 1.25% damage to the opponent.
Tarukaja: Increases attack for 3 posts. This can only be used on one target.
Bufu: Tomoe casts an ice spell that attacks only one target.

Posted: Mar 17 2012, 08:16 AM

Al Bhed Guardian

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Inventory Upgrade
Bomb Fragment: Can be used as an item to make a very small explosion.

Cost: 4,000 Experience
Proof of Experience: here and here
remaining exp : 243

Mix upgrade
Bomb fragment+Grenade= Heat Blaster, deals moderate fire damage to one opponent.

Cost: 4,000
Proof of Exp : here, here and here
Remaining Exp : 41

Total Remaining EXP: 284

Nepeta Leijon
Posted: Mar 17 2012, 04:02 PM

Boy Skylark

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Looks perfect to me!


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