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 Ellis Barwick, Pirate
Ellis Barwick
Posted: Apr 20 2012, 03:19 PM

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Ellis Barwick

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Name: Ellis Barwick

Aliases: None

Age: 18 (July 23rd 1701)

Gender: Male

Rank/ Occupation: Pirate

Current Location: Carribean Siren

Character PB: James Dean

General appearance:
Ellis stands at average height.His brown chestnut hair sweeps back naturally in waves away from his face. His eyes are blue. Ellis has some muscle but other than that he has an average lean build. He has a scar on his upper left arm from a knife in a brawl when he was thirteen. Has another scar, this one longer, going down his left rib cage from an altercation with an older boy who tried to rob him.

In his possession Ellis has a pair of shoes made just for him. His legs dawn a pair of wide trousers. His upper body is covered in a basic linen shirt consisting of two square front and back panels, a stand up collar, and gussets under the arms. To top it off he has a neckerchief around his neck.

Ellis wears his feelings on his sleeve. If he’s in good spirits; you’ll know it. If he’s in horrible spirits; you’ll know it. He’s sensitive about certain things; like his parents and his unconventional childhood. As far as he’s concerned he never was raised. He pretty much raised himself and answered to himself and pretty much made his own decisions. Therefore, he has trouble giving up control to anyone. He’d rather handle things himself. He’s just been independent for so long, it’s a hard habit to break. People are pretty much amazed at how intelligent he comes off considering he didn’t have the proper schooling other children were afforded. Along with that intelligence comes a boundless wit and a sense of humor he can unleash at any moment. It can seem at times that Ellis craves and desperately wants acceptance from those around him. He’s never really belonged anywhere so he wants to be somewhere where they accept him as he is .He’d love to have someone he could actually call “friend”. The first thing you may notice about him upon sight is the mischievous grin he wears whether he’s up to something or not. Ellis has this natural ability to want to take up for others. He hates seeing someone picked on or chastised at. He was picked on a lot by older kids and even adults and it all came to ahead when he started using his fists to prove himself. To him; the strong should never prey on the weak especially if their on the same side. He may be a youngster but he stands his ground. Sometimes when the mood stricks him, he likes to rough-house just for fun or use his gun he keeps hidden away for target practice. All in all, he’s pretty dependable, always ready to help or defend. He’s not afraid of death. He’s experienced so much of it in his life.

Birth place: London, England

Father – Jonathan Barwick (Deceased)
Mother – Olivia Barwick (Deceased)
siblings – N/A
spouse, children, anybody else – N/A

Born in London on July 21st to Olivia and Jonathan Barwick; Ellis learned early in life how unfair life was and how things were out of his control. His mother died from scarlet fever when he was five. He lived with his father until the age of eight, when his father died in what some claimed as a horse accident. He was alone after his father’s death until his grandfather came to retrieve him and took him back to his cottage. During this time Ellis helped his grandfather thus him learning to have a strong work ethic. He didn’t attend school so he taught himself to write and read enough to get by. Ellis and his grandfather developed a strong bond between them and Ellis felt like life might not be so bad afterall. His world was to crumble again when at the age of thirteen his grandfather passed away suddenly. This time there were no remaining relatives left. He truly was alone this time. He traveled around London mostly on foot, learning to survive on his own. He may not have had the most appetizing meals but he took what he could get from other’s leftovers. He learned to defend himself as it seemed he was always getting jumped or threatened or challenged. Brawl after Brawl, he had to prove his medal. If he didn’t feel like fighting, he’s use the pistol he got from his grandfather and point it at his opponent. Usually was enough to send them running. Eventually he grew tired of the vagabond life and decided he wanted out of London and to travel. He wanted on a ship he’d see come to port as a youngster. He found his way on the "Caribbean Siren", ready to prove himself in mid- July, a couple days after his seventeenth birthday. He hadn’t aspired to be a pirate but if it got him out of London and seeing other worlds, he was ok with that.

Weapon Skills:
Ellis is pretty good with pistols and rifles. He actually has his own pistol that belonged to his grandfather, which he keeps well hidden when he's not using it. Usually hits his targets dead on whether in close range or at a distance. Skilled in sword fighting as well. If he has neither weapon at his disposal, he has no problem brawling.

Anything else: N/A

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Player's name: Elizabeth

E-mail, YIM, etc.:

Player's age: 23

How did you hear about us: Ad on RPG Directory

Posted: Apr 20 2012, 04:14 PM

fighting the Spanish Armada since Sir Walter Raleigh's time
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Welcome to "Before the Mast"!

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Welcome aboard the "Caribbean Siren!"

Ellis seems an interesting character and I hardly wait to see him in fight.

Please see your PM for details.

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