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It's 1719 in the West Indies. The Caribbean Sea is boiling in the war and there is no quiet place ashore or at sea. Besides the political turmoil which leads the colonies at each other's throats, pirates and privateers are on the prowl. Come spend some time with us BEFORE THE MAST, on any ship you like!

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 John Wilkinson, HMS Rose
John Wilkinson
Posted: Apr 15 2012, 10:49 AM


John Wilkinson

user posted image

Name: John Wilkinson

Aliases: Friends call him Wilko

Age: 36

Gender: male

Rank/ Occupation: Bosun if available. Else AB.

Current Location: HMS Rose

Character PB: Tony Martin

General appearance: John is approximately five feet ten with a massive build. As he worked onboard ships for over 20 years he has muscular arms and wide shoulders, but also a small belly. His dark-brown hair is slightly bleached by the sun and got a light tone of red. It's waved and of average length. He likes to comb is back with some water or grease and his facial hair is always well shaven. The eyes are blue on the outside and greenish towards the pupil. His skin tone suggests that he has spend many sunny days on deck. Especially arms and hands are very dark, while his palms are rough and soft (due to ropes friction) at the same time. The golden earring on his left ear is also to be mentioned. Most the time he looks angry and that's why young sailors often fear him, but it's the hard life at sea that made him look this way. On his back you can spot a few marks of three or four floggings, he recieved when he was younger. There are also a few minor scars on his arms and a really ugly on is right upper leg.

Clothing: Wilkinson wears a common cotton sailor trousers and a strong leather belt. His shirt of strong linen is also pretty common and tucked in. The most distinctive piece is the worn out brown waistcoat made of sailcloth and the wide shoulder belt with with knife and marlinspike. On board he doesn't wear any shoes, but he owns a pair of old leather boots.

Personality: Loyal and hard working Wilkinson seems to be the perfect seaman. He is strong, robust and undemanding. Though he looks angry and unhappy all day long and he is barely seen laughing. Basically he is a perfect work machine following orders from superiors or giving orders to inferiors. He has absolutely no qualms about manipulating and bullying fellow seamen and he seems to enjoy flogging others. That's why some people describe him as archaic and inhumanly cruel, but that's not true. He acts out of conscientiousness and in order to achieve and maintain authority over others. Obviously that's good on a (war)ship but less beneficial on shore. Having none to tell him what to do he feels useless and sometimes even confused. Also to have zero sensitivity makes it hard to find a woman for more than a night.

Birth place: Newport (Wales)

Father – John Wilkinson, former sailor
Mother – Beth Wilkinson, bartender
siblings – several brothers and sisters, most of them dead
spouse, children, anybody else – maybe some children in Spain... who knows?

History: He was born into a poor family form Newport, Wales, and was soon sent to work on a merchants ship. So he spent his entire life at sea: cabin-boy at twelve, ship's boy at fourteen, seaman at sixteen, able seaman at seventeen. 1701, at the age of eighteen he was picked up by a press gang in Portsmouth to serve aboard the 66-gun third-rate Royal Navy vessel HMS Monmouth. She fought at the Battle of Vigo Bay under Captain John Baker in 1702. Wilkinson barely survived after he took a arrow shiver to the knee leg. He was transferred to the 90-gun second-rate ship of the line HMS Association and took part in the capture of Gibraltar in 1704 and the Battle of Toulon in summer 1707. After that the battle he was transferred to the 100-gun first-rate ship of the line HMS St Andrew. That was extremely lucky since the HMS Association and all crew was lost during the Scilly naval disaster. HMS St Andrew only suffered little damage and finally managed to reach Portsmouth. He also served aboard the 20-gun sixth-rate frigate HMS Phoenix as bosun's mate and on the first day at sea he already had to flog someone. In 1710 he back aboard HMS Monmouth as bosun's mate and when the boatswain died of Scurvy he took his place for 2 months until he was transferred to HMS Rose in 1713.

Weapon Skills: He trust his fists more than any weapon, but knows how to shoot rifle and handle a knife.

Anything else: He loves the captain's daughter and owns a cat o' nine tails.

Member Info

Player's name: Felix

E-mail, YIM, etc.:

Player's age: 19

How did you hear about us: RPG-Directory
The Swan
Posted: Apr 15 2012, 04:38 PM

Admiral Ship
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Welcome to "Before the Mast"!

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It's great to have you here, and we always love to see new Navy men smile.gif

If you're looking for somewhere to start, feel free to jump into this thread, where we currently have a battle between the navies and the pirates going on!
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