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 Mcdowell, James, Marine sergeant, British Navy
Posted: Jul 16 2011, 05:10 PM

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Group: Civilian
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Name: James Montgomery McDowell

Aliases: Monty

Age: 36

Gender: Male

Rank/ Occupation: Marines sergeant
Current Location: aboard HMS “Rose”

Character PB: Sean Bean

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General appearance: James is a tall and proud-looking man; he has long redish-brown hair to his shoulder and a goatee beard. His eyes are green and it is often those that show his smile as he doesn’t smile a lot, but his eyes are warm and friendly. His posture is always upright and can seem a bit arrogant (at least when he is working with soldiers below his rank). He is averagely built and even if he is quite strong, it doesn’t show on his body.

James is rarely seen out of uniform. He is deployed to the Caribbean as a soldier and once his mission there is complete he will return home to England again. He also spends most of his time in the fort of Jamaica (at least for now). His uniform is the standard British Red coat and white trousers, one bandolier with a sheath to his NCO sword. One his feet are black military boots and on his head the black tri-corner hat with a wide white stripe around the top.
When not in uniform however he usually go for a plain white shirt and a pair of loose trousers and a pair of shoes. Something that isn’t so uniform-like. Also when not in uniforms he don’t wear a hat as he wear enough hats at work.

Personality: The duality of James’ personality is almost scary to see. However most people only see one of them. It is however not because he is crazy or anything. But James is one kind of person while he works and a completely different type of guy when he is not. At work he can seem very arrogant towards his soldiers and he certainly wouldn’t fraternize with them casually. He is strict and values that people wear their uniform properly and don’t mind giving a soldier a hell of a punishment if that soldier fails to live up to his duties or simply to the ideal that a soldier should be. Usually this behavior would give a sergeant many enemies, but because James actually show his soldiers that he can actually do all the things he require of them, they actually respect him and like him for it. Even if they don’t enjoy being yelled at. But each of the soldiers in James’ company has seen him fight and they know that he wouldn’t be pressing them so hard if it wasn’t because he want them all to get home alright. James loves training and educating his men and that also means that he loves testing them (and himself) against a real foe. He probably can’t deny that the adrenalin of being in combat is a good feeling.

He is fighting for England and he is in that sense incorruptible. He follows orders and is very disciplined. Disciplined to the same level that he expect his soldiers to be. He is not only proud of his job as a soldier because it pays his salary. But his job gives him a chance to prove himself and to keep challenging himself. He is a proud soldier fighting for King and Country and no promise of gold or land would make him forsake his duty. In some ways you could say that he is married to the Army.

But then there is his life outside the army. Where he have no problem yelling at people at work, he would never raise his voice at people when not working. Then he is a kind man willing to help anyone no matter their social status. He is a proper gentleman to anyone and in his eyes there is no difference in the way he speaks to people. He was born into a poor family and as such he knows all too well that not all come from good lives. But despite being so friendly and kind to anyone, his has remarkably few friends. He is not a man to let people get close to him and he might only have one or two people back in England who really know about his life prior to joining the military. He is not a man who talk about himself a lot, and luckily for him, most of the people he meets is, so it is usually easy enough for him to just follow the conversation and then walk away without having really let anyone in. So it shouldn’t be unnatural that James actually goes to bed every night wondering if it might just be his fate to die in battle someday. It certainly doesn’t seem like he will be courting any woman anyway. At least he has his job.


Father – William Montgomery McDowell
Mother – Catherine Winthers (Maiden name)

On a grey and rainy day in the town of Bedfordshire in England, James was born into a small family where the father was a butcher. Not by choice but an inherited family business. It was also the intention that James was to take over the shop when his father was getting old, but already while James was still a child; his father had to close up shop as the town had plenty of butchers who were better at the whole competitive game than he was. So in order to stay alive, Will (James’ father) took a job for one of his old competitors and whatever little money he could scrape together there put food on the table for the family of three. Luckily James was able to go to school and where his first years ended quickly by playing wars and other child games with his class mates he was slowly cast out of the groups in his school. Most of the kids there were of families who were slightly wealthier and that meant that James was easily mocked and bullied. Surprisingly enough James accepted this and just kept his bitterness and anger inside and then he took it out on the chopping block at home when chopping firewood. He became more closed and sometimes even slightly arrogant towards his surroundings. He just paid attention in class and then he just closed himself into a small personal sphere where he didn’t let anyone in.

He was getting slightly depressed and he had almost given up on himself as a person who would ever become anything when a recruiter for the British Army came to town. A war had broken out! Namely The War of the Spanish Succession and soldiers were needed. Without giving it much thought, James signed up and hoped it would give him a fair salary and then perhaps let him return home more respected. He hadn’t really imagined that it was a job he wanted to keep. But only one day passed after being uniformed before he realized that he was in the right place for him. In the army he was perhaps called names or corrected or yelled at. But not because of who he was, but for what he did. Everyone who had been enlisted along with him was equal to him, no matter their wealth or social status.

It didn’t even take long before he proved to be a quick learner when something had his interest and he quickly showed his superiors that he was a more than capable soldier, fit to lead a small section of men. So he was appointed lance-Corporal which wasn’t at this time. So with his new title and new skills he was tossed into the battlefields of southern Europe where it became clear to him, not only that he found honour and glory in working for the army, He also enjoyed fighting and especially the feeling of victory. His regiment did very well in the battles and it didn’t take long before he was promoted to full corporal.

Almost everything he earned was sent home to his family and when he finally returned he could happily announce to his parents that he had decided to stay in the army. They were of course proud of their son and even if they didn’t mind the occasional money he had been sending from Spain, they were still worried about him losing his life in battle. But they couldn’t discourage him and he was soon headed back towards the army camp where he continued training. Now that his regiment was no longer in actual fighting anymore they were just on stand-by, ready to defend Britain if needed.

It took a few years before anything else noticeable happened again. It was another promotion. James was promoted to Sergeant and was told to start training his men for a new kind of operation. Where James and his soldiers had been a land based unit before, it had now been decided that they were going to be merged with a Royal Marine Regiment and was then to prepare for a deployment in the Caribbean. Naturally James went to work, happy that he would once again get a chance to see some action and after about 14 months of intense training, the newly merged regiment sailed off to Jamaica where he got assigned on HMS “Rose”.

Anything else: James is proficient in fencing as that is the primary weapon of the army sergeant, but as he started his military career as a private soldier, he also knows how to handle a rifle.
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