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As it bends to the command
To tell the story of its time
Hark, hear of my land.

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 Soares, Vasco deMundo-Novo, ~Explorer by Heart
Posted: Jun 30 2010, 05:51 AM

Group: Members
Posts: 8
Member No.: 20
Joined: 26-June 10

Name: Vasco deMundo-Novo Soares
Alias: Vasco
Gender: Male
DOB: 20. August, 14 years ago
Age: 14
Role: Trainer

Physical Description

Height: 164 cm (increasing)
Weight: 52 kg
Hair Color: Vibrantly brown and black
Eye Color: Dark Brown
Build: Slightly athletic

QUOTE (Physical Description)

Vasco is somewhat short for his age, standing around 160 cm. At least he thinks it's short. He is built slim, but still has some athletic muscle-tone. His skin has a Hispanic tone to it, and his hair has a vibrant color varying from dark-brown to black. His hair is messy with a moderate length, but is mostly kept under his yellow 'Explorer Helmet'. His face is round and somewhat juvenile. His chin is heavily scared from his former activities, as well as his forehead in a lesser degree. His eyes are brown, so dark that you can barely see the pupils.

Vasco dresses practically. He has dark-green shorts made of rough fabrics, that cover his knees. These shorts also have multiple pockets, so he can keep his essentials close. His white T-shirts are a must, and mostly have some funny caption written on them (probably by Vasco himself). This is covered by a vest in the same fabric as the shorts, but yellow. This vest also has multiple pockets. His shoes are rough and rigid hiking-boots, in a yellow fabric. Since he has so many pockets, Vasco is only in need of a small backpack, being green. As mentioned, he also wears an Explorer Helmet at all times. Most of Vasco's clothes are the same, because he thinks they are perfect for traveling as well as minor camouflage.


Likes: Challenges, adventures, life, loyalty, attention, being taller than someone
Dislikes: Cowards, disrespect, lack of power, being smaller than someone
Fears: Stopping to grow, losing someone dear
Role Models/Idols: Pedro Soares (father)
Favorite Pokémon: Kangaskahn, Pinsir, Psyduck (all from the Safari Zone in Fuschia)

QUOTE (Personality)

Vasco is always very aware and full of excitement. He has a habit of loudly declaring all his discoveries, even though they might not be very big or important at all. He is the born explorer, and looks up to his father, who is an important explorer of the New World. His father, Pedro Soares, even named him “deMundo-Novo”, meaning 'of the New World'. So in a sense, Vasco has been expecting to fill his father's shoes some day all his life. A complex Vasco has, though, is his size. He wants attention all the time, an attribute that does not mesh well with his actual size. Therefore, he can get mad or even emotional when ignored or made fun of for his size.

A challenge is probably the best Vasco knows, especially with an audience. He always collects evidence of his achievements, even the smallest ones. The best evidence is of course a witness, also called a friend. What Vasco looks for in a friend, is loyalty and appreciation. If the person acknowledges him being there, and stays with him, the friendship will be a success. Another important attribute of a friend is of course that he or she does not take away the attention from Vasco. That is very important.

Background Information

Birthplace: Fuschia City, Kanto
Known Relatives:
Pedro Soares (father), a famous explorer who was part of the team who discovered Torrenta, and is now on the team which is exploring Isshu.

Anya Maria Soares (mother) lives in Fuschia City, alone for the moment

Marital Status: Single
Friends/Allies: No one special
Enemies/Rivals: No one special

QUOTE (History)

Vasco deMundo-Novo Soares was born on the 232nd day of the year, in good old Kanto. More specifically in Fuschia City. His mother stayed home with him, raising him, while his father, Pedro Soares, explored new continents. Ever since Vasco was born, his father had been exploring and colonizing a new region called Arze, and he had visited approximately 4 times a year. His father became Vasco's role model, and he couldn't wait for him to take him with him on his adventures.

In the mean time, Vasco made adventures of his own. And what better place than the Safari Zone? Vasco spent most of his time there, exploring the Safari Zone and even making a map of it. This map was completed in only a year, and a copy of it can still be purchased if you contact him personally. Academically, Vasco did alright, but never stood out as the brightest person. He would mostly listen to his gut rather than his sense of logic. He rarely traveled outside Fuschia, which started to concern him as he grew up. The explorer in him wanted to see more!

When he turned 14, Vasco was visited by his father, as usual. But this time, he wanted to talk to him about something important. He wanted to go with him on any of his travels. Pedro Soares was not stupid, and he knew that his son would not fit in the limited space of Fuschia for much longer. He agreed to bring Vasco to Arze, which had already become an established region. Vasco was asked to start an adventure in the region, to find himself and to grow up. Vasco Soares was not stupid either. He accepted the challenge.

RP Sample:
Vasco was sat in the tree. The tree that had been growing in his garden all his life. He hung from his legs upside down from a branch thinking. Today would be an important day, the day that he would confront his father. He was now 14, and it was about time he started acting like a man of his name. Vasco was wearing his usual clothing, and on his shirt he had written “If life is limited, I am Immortal”. This was one of his favorite captions. Suddenly, his mother walked outside, smiling. “Your father is waiting for you, darling” she said with a warm voice. Vasco lit up like gasoline, and stretched out all his limbs into an 'X'. Doing this, he also let go of the tree, and crashed to the ground, head first. Thanks to the Explorer Helmet, he was unharmed. “Not even a drop of blood!” he shouted excitedly, ignoring his mother's concern. His father was waiting inside, sitting on the couch.

“Father!” Vasco shouted, and gave him a big hug. His dad coughed before saying; “You're getting stronger by the day, son. I can feel it”. Vasco laughed and sat beside him. “You want your present?” Pedro asked, fishing a packet out of his bag. Vasco eyes became bigger. “You couldn't have...” he said, while ripping the paper around the present. It was a shoe box. He opened it, and inside were a pair of hiker's boots, yellow and shiny. “How did you know!?” Vasco shouted and hugged his father again. “Hehe, I always know” Pedro said, and patted the boy on the helm. “I guess that'll be enough for this year, eh?” he said, and raised up from the couch. Vasco smiled faintly...

“Actually, I was hoping for something else too...” Vasco started, and took his helmet of. His hair was unkempt and dusty. His father turned around and looked at the boy. “Well, dad. I'm 14, and I'm growing up... I want to see more, live more” he said. “Take me with you on your travels, dad” he said. Pedro sat down again. He thought for some minutes. “Son, when I was your age, I felt exactly the same. Do you know what I did?” he asked. Vasco looked down. “I went on an adventure in an all new region, called Sinnoh. It's not new anymore now, but it was then” he said, growing more excited for each word. “Those were the best times of my life. I want to give you that opportunity” he finished. Vasco bounced up and smiled. He could barely get a hold of himself. “So, you mean...” he said, and started shaking. “Yes son. I'm taking you to Arze”.

Pokémon & Inventory


(Posted Image)
"Espada" the Scyther @ Oran Berry
Lv. 5
Mantis Pokemon
Nature: Hasty
Espada is hasty, but very loyal. He will not usually think before he acts. His instincts mostly rule his thoughts. Unless he is commanded by someone, i.e. a trainer. Therefore, he is also incredibly loyal. Apparently, hastiness and loyalty may go hand-in-hand. Espada also loves adventure and challenges, which probably comes from his Scyther genes.
Happiness: 7
EXP: 1/3

Full Power
    00 - Counter (egg)
    00 - Reversal (egg)
    00 - Vacuum Wave
    00 - Quick Attack
    00 - Leer
    05 - Focus Energy
    09 - Pursuit
    13 - False Swipe
    17 - Agility
    21 - Wing Attack
    25 - Fury Cutter
    29 - Slash
    33 - Razor Wind
    37 - Double Team
    41 - X-Scissor
    45 - Night Slash
    49 - Double Hit
    53 - Air Slash
    57 - Sword Dance
    61 - Feint
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