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As it bends to the command
To tell the story of its time
Hark, hear of my land.

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Another Update!
Gah, I always forget to update this until it catches my eye. Does this mean that people usually don't read the announcements box? I feel like that since I only edit this beginning part, people don't actually read the box...or even remotely notice that it has changed. Either way, by that logic, nobody will be reading this, so I might as well post something. Ah.
Well, activity has dropped a little, although I'm not entirely sure why. I'm as active as I usually am, but nobody else seems to be on. A mystery...
So then, concerning that revamp I've had on here for the past month: it is still in the works! I have some logistical things I need to take care of, as well as talking to you guys. Most of you probably won't notice anything different, which I suppose is a good thing.
Apply for staff! We still need moderators! For those of you interested, get started in the RP. Staff applications can be found here.
Additionally, we need to advertise! Get out there and do it! However, please do not advertise on sites that require linking back - I do not support the practice.
In plot line news, start scrolling through some of the RP journeys that have already started. The staff (Me, Trill and Bio) are working on NPC Profiles and doing some little renovations (nothing big, I promise!), so look out for those! Additionally, I will try to get some of the last bits of RPG Announcements posted. I will also get around to making a map as soon as I can. Then, somebody else more artistic than I can redo it and make it pretty. Haha.
And that ends another Spader rant.
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Welcome to Arze!

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 Hanson, Jovel Clark, Lorrie's Rival
Posted: May 30 2010, 10:32 PM

Group: Global Moderator
Posts: 78
Member No.: 11
Joined: 18-May 10

Basic Information

Rival Name Jovel Clark Hanson
Alias Jovel
Gender Male
Date of Birth September 27th 1993
Age 17
Role Trainer/Co-ordinator

Physical Description

Height 5'8"
Weight 172 lbs

Physical Description

Jovel is perhaps a hairs breadth away from being called 'tall' but as much as he tried to make himself just that hair's breadth taller he is left with nothing more then 'average' height.  Unfortunately he doesn't quite look his height, what with his having a rather larger frame.  His proportions are rather good, although a bi product of his sort of chubbiness is that his arms and legs look a bit shorter and his torso rather larger.  He manages to move with the grace of a feline even though he appears to more of the large Persian and less of the sleek cheetah variety, and is almost as light footed as one.

His eyes are wide and dark, allowing no light to escape them, duplicates almost of his father's, but framed in the long dark curling lashes of his mother's.  Otherwise his face is a mish mash of features that look rather out of place when all put together.  His eyes are just a little bit too far apart, his nose slightly crooked and too big for his face, his mouth rather sour and turned down often and deceptive, for although it doesn't look like he would produce anything resembling a smile such a thing is actually possible.  That smile is actually quite disarmingly charming, pearly white perfect teeth flashing against very dark brown skin, and encourages the person on the receiving end to trust Jovel implicitly.  He has managed to sidestep all manner of potentially very very bad situations with that smile and a wink alone.

Dark, wiry hair is more often then not hidden under his favourite baseball cap, which he wears at all times regardless of what the other components of his outfit consist of.  Usually those are jeans and a long-sleeved shirt with an unbuttoned dressier shirt overtop.  Sometimes the dressier shirt is covered in loud patterns, but other times it can be tasteful.  Jovel is able to dress in a way that compliments his body, he just usually chooses not to.  Another staple of his wardrobe is his bright red converse, which he wears with everything regardless of how formal he is supposed to be. 


Favourite pokemon
Sableye, Froslass, ghost pokemon in general. Also Houndoom.


Jovel is generally rather bad tempered and inclined to dislike a large number of people.  It isn't anything against them personally however, he just finds that he ends up considering cultivating a friendship with a large number of people not worth too much of his time and so he doesn't bother being polite to them.  He'd rather just get any information he needed from them and send them on their way, preferring to actually spend time with and get to know the 'interesting' people instead.  This part of him comes across as rather cold, unfeeling and prickly and indeed it is rather cold of him but he doesn't see it that way.  It is just an efficient way for him to ensure he doesn’t end up surrounded by people who annoy him to the moon and back again.

If he does take a liking to someone he is slightly less crotchety, actually accepting their input in discussions, seeking out their company and occasionally actually saying nice things to others without being prompted and without some sort of ulterior motive.  He's completely loyal to the people he likes, and will do almost anything for them.  Gaining their trust and respect is usually top on his list of things to do for a while, and during that time he will do almost anything they ask of him.  Thankfully he often picks his loyalties well, otherwise he could be easily manipulated to do things that go completely against his usual character.  Breaking his trust is one of the ways to get him as an enemy, and once he becomes an enemy he becomes one for life.

If need be he can act charming and civil, offering up the grin that invites trust and conversation and a sense that everything and anything he says is true.  He feels a little bad (or at least, that's what he would say if asked) when he's manipulating someone with his charm and smile and silvery tongue, but usually his desire to get whatever he's using his charm for overrides the bad feelings.  He is a horrible eavesdropper, sneak, cheat and, rather unfortunately, a very good liar as well as people reader.  He doesn't mind manipulating people if it gets him closer to his goal, and with those skills he is very good at it.

Background Information

Known Relatives;;
Mother; Crystal Hanson (nee Clark)
    Grandparents deceased
    No Aunts, Uncles or Cousins

Father; Harold Hanson
    Grandfather; Brian Hanson
    Grandmother; Elena Hanson

Daniel St James - They played in the sandbox together as children, and as Jovel found that Daniel was more similar to himself then he thought Daniel became one of his closest friends and allies. The two of them are thick as thieves, partners in crime, each other's wingman… They might as well be Siamese twins who have their own language, the amount of time they spend together and the amount of that time others can understand anything they are saying. The only thing is that Jovel is determined that no one will be better then he, and so even if he denies it he is constantly competing with those he counts as his friends, Daniel most of all.
Rebecca Berry - Jovel's first and really only friend after he was dropped a grade, she and he are practically two peas in a pod. With the same sardonic sense of humour and the same general outlook on the world she is one of the few people Jovel doesn't find annoying and not worth his time. He competes with her too, as he wants her to admire him and be in awe of him and generally decide that he is the best thing since sliced bread. She puts up with him because he is the only one who really puts up with her.
Lorrie Williams - Jovel had the hugest crush on the bookwormish-already-had-close-friends-who-were-guys-and-everyone-knew-she-and-that-Bridge-kid-would-end-up-dating Lor from the first time they met, going in to grade seven. Of course, what with his being the tough guy of his old school and being with his posse at the time of their meeting he had to treat her as he treated everyone else (very coldly) and, much to his dismay, he was never able to correct that first impression. He then went through a time where he had a crush on her and disliked her immensely for not noticing him back at the same time, and then simply continued to dislike her even after the crush vanished. Now he just wants to be better then she at whatever she tries to do, and once he accomplishes that he feels he'll be able to leave her behind.
Bridgely Sanders - During grades seven and eight Bridge was an unknown entity to Jovel, and he was even making progress in his attempts to correct that first impression. Then Bridge came along, and Jovel saw how close the two of them were, figured he didn't have a chance so why bother and started hating Bridge too. Bridge cannot for the life of him figure out why Jovel dislikes him so much, and happy person that he is still tries to be tolerant and doesn't even consider Jovel a rival or enemy, just some sort of minor annoyance.


Jovel is the youngest of seven brothers and sisters (older brother, two older sisters, older brother, older sister, two older brothers), born to a mother who worked as part of the support staff at the local Pokémon center and a father whose job was unspecified but necessitated having a very large Houndoom with very pointed horns and something that looked like armour.  Jovel never found out what that job was, and nor did anyone else.  His father died when he was three and a half, and he has no real memory of him.  In fact, his first memory doesn't have anything to do with the human part of his family…

"Houndoom, or Doomsday, as I called him, would always bring me the ball when I threw it for him.  The first thing I can remember is his vague shape bounding towards me with a ball in his mouth and barrelling in to me, his warm fur pressing in to my cheek as he wagged his tail and snuffled my face, eager for me to throw it again.  The second thing I can remember is Doomsday growling as my oldest brother approached, and then snapping at him.

"Doomsday wasn't supposed to be in the house anymore after that, although Mom wouldn't let Darrel get rid of him.  After all, he was Dad's Pokémon, his first and most loyal.  The others Dad had caught were all let go, but Doom stayed.  And Darrel hated him.  Some nights though I would sneak Doom inside and he would sleep on the end of my bed, keeping my feet warm in the winter when we didn't always have enough heat.  He was my best friend until I met Dan in the sandbox first day of school.

"Dan and I were best friends and pretty much inseparable until grade three, when I was kept back a year and he wasn't.  That was when I met Rebecca, and it was me who first introduced those two love birds to each other.  They weren't love birds then; they seemed to hate each other, but I guess somewhere along the line that all changed.  My life wasn't too bad though, even if I was a year older then all the other kids.  I had Becks at school and Doom at home and Dan sometimes at school and sometimes at home and my older siblings more or less left me alone.

"In grade seven I met Lorrie for the first time, and she disliked me instantly.  Sure, my attitude probably didn't help, but I had to maintain my reputation and first time we really talked was when Dan was there too.  She could have at least given me a chance though right?  I thought we were almost friends too, and then we got to high school and I found out that she and that Bridge geek were practically attached at the hip and she still didn't like me and now had even more reason not to, what with her already having a 'best guy friend' and being one of those girls who would rather have a small group of close friends that seemed to be already full.

"I didn't really care about school; I wanted to be the best Pokémon trainer ever, and I continue to want to do that.  I don't care that I'm not really done school, per se; Mom won the lottery a few months back, and now each of us kids had more money then we know what to do with.  She's moved the 'home base' for those of us who don't have our own places yet somewhere else, and has said that when I finally give up on my ridiculous notion that I'll ever be the best trainer I can come live with her there.  Like that will ever happen.  I will be the best trainer ever, and then maybe the best co-ordinator, and then maybe I'll have squashed Lorrie and that Bridge kid well enough they'll finally be sorry they crossed me."
Posted: May 30 2010, 10:33 PM

Group: Global Moderator
Posts: 78
Member No.: 11
Joined: 18-May 10

Party Pokemon Information

Pokemon Species;; Shuppet
(Posted Image)
Pokemon Nickname;;
Gender;; Female
Level;; 5
    Experience;; 0
    Can learn;;
Type;; Ghost
Ability;; Insomnia, Frisk
Nature;; Sassy

Item;; None
(Posted Image)
At Lv 37

5 Empty Spots
Posted: May 30 2010, 10:34 PM

Group: Global Moderator
Posts: 78
Member No.: 11
Joined: 18-May 10

~Money & Items~

Money;; 4225

Poke Balls;;
TMs, HMs and SMs;;
Key Items;;
Other Items;;
    Posted: May 30 2010, 10:35 PM

    Group: Global Moderator
    Posts: 78
    Member No.: 11
    Joined: 18-May 10

    Posted: May 30 2010, 10:36 PM

    Group: Global Moderator
    Posts: 78
    Member No.: 11
    Joined: 18-May 10

    Pokemon at the Lab/Breeding facility
    Posted: May 30 2010, 10:37 PM

    Group: Global Moderator
    Posts: 78
    Member No.: 11
    Joined: 18-May 10

    Appearances in Lor's Journey
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