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Arze Region Announcements Box

The wind rustles in the grass
As it bends to the command
To tell the story of its time
Hark, hear of my land.

Arze Region - The Story
~Arze Region News~

Another Update!
Gah, I always forget to update this until it catches my eye. Does this mean that people usually don't read the announcements box? I feel like that since I only edit this beginning part, people don't actually read the box...or even remotely notice that it has changed. Either way, by that logic, nobody will be reading this, so I might as well post something. Ah.
Well, activity has dropped a little, although I'm not entirely sure why. I'm as active as I usually am, but nobody else seems to be on. A mystery...
So then, concerning that revamp I've had on here for the past month: it is still in the works! I have some logistical things I need to take care of, as well as talking to you guys. Most of you probably won't notice anything different, which I suppose is a good thing.
Apply for staff! We still need moderators! For those of you interested, get started in the RP. Staff applications can be found here.
Additionally, we need to advertise! Get out there and do it! However, please do not advertise on sites that require linking back - I do not support the practice.
In plot line news, start scrolling through some of the RP journeys that have already started. The staff (Me, Trill and Bio) are working on NPC Profiles and doing some little renovations (nothing big, I promise!), so look out for those! Additionally, I will try to get some of the last bits of RPG Announcements posted. I will also get around to making a map as soon as I can. Then, somebody else more artistic than I can redo it and make it pretty. Haha.
And that ends another Spader rant.
~ Miscellaneous ~

Welcome to Arze!

If you have ANY questions, feel free to post them in the Questions About Arze forum, or send me a PM! I will reply posthaste!
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