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Title: Welcome to Arze!

Spader - May 8, 2010 09:38 PM (GMT)
Welcome to Arze! I'm Spader, your friendly Admin.

As you noticed, our mascot Pokemon is the ever gorgeous Lanturn. Our slogan, 'Face to Face with Light' is not only pretty-sounding, but symbolic, towards both the style of the forum as well as the plot for the RPG.

We here at Arze pride ourselves on good RPing skills. It is my hope that Arze becomes one of the advanced literate Pokemon RPGs. However, we need your help for that! So, join and stay active! And have fun the most of all!

Arze is a Pokémon based site, and all participants should be familiar with the game. If you ever need help, I recommend you turn to Their extensive PokéDex and constant updates will prove a great asset to you on your adventure., a Competitive Battling site will also prove useful as they have outstanding Pokémon analyses in their D/P Strategy Pokédex. Use and abuse these resources. Or don't: it's your choice.

Any suggestions can be reported to the Suggestions Forum while any complaints can be reported to the Complaints Forum. Any questions you may have can be reported to the Questions about Arze Forum. These are guest friendly, so guests can post there with any of thier questions.

Disclaimer: Arze Region is in no way affiliated with Nintendo. We are simply a fan site.


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