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Posted by Maethoriel - 09-8-08 22:58 - 0 comments
I am still looking for a carpool buddy or two to leave St. Louis on Thursday early morning. Any one interested....

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 Carpool From Chicago Again
Posted by Pearl Sandybanks - 08-29-08 02:53 - 0 comments
I posted earlier about carpooling from the Chicagoland area. At that time, I was planning on leaving on Friday morning. Now, I have changed my plans and will be leaving late morning on Thursday. So if anyone would be interested in sharing the rid more
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 Carpool From Louisville
Posted by Ladyhawk Baggins - 08-1-08 21:35 - 9 comments
My plans, at this point, are to fly into Louisville on Wed 24 Sept (arriving about 3:30pm) and out on Mon 29 Sept (departing about 1245pm), on Southwest Airlines. I found a shuttle service that travels between Louisville, Lexington and Cincinnati, a more
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 Carpool From Chicago
Posted by Pearl Sandybanks - 07-6-08 23:26 - 0 comments
I live in a southeastern suburb of Chicago. Looking to car pool. Half the price of airfare, according to Mapquest a 6 hour drive when flying would take at least 4 (if flight is on time!!), environmentalist in me doesn't like the idea o more
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 Atlanta Carpool
Posted by Springlering - 05-4-08 13:38 - 1 comments
Hi. Looking for anyone interested in carpooling from Atlanta area?

I'd be happy to drive, but I drive a Hobbit-sized SMART micro-car, so there is only room for one passenger.

Would also be happy to share driving responsib more
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 Driving From St. Louis
Posted by Maethoriel - 04-19-08 04:46 - 0 comments
I am driving from St. Louis to Lexington, leaving Thursday am around 8-9...maybe anyone interested in carpooling to Lexington. I have a 2008 Dodge Caliber and dependant upon luggage, room for 2-3 people.

thanks..Maethoriel more
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 Missouri Carpool ?
Posted by Andrea Rayna - Gliowien - 01-16-08 23:36 - 1 comments
I am located between Springfield and Branson in SW Missouri, would love a road trip partner.

I had back surgery this past year, so I am one who stops for stretch breaks, but not excessively. My only child will have just left for college more
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 Baltimore - Carpool?
Posted by MithLuin - 10-14-07 19:43 - 9 comments
I'd very much like to come to this, but won't know about my schedule for awhile yet. One major problem is logistics - it's a 10 hour drive for me (I've actually been to the Shaker Village before - how crazy is that!?) An more
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 Poll: How Long Are You Partying For?
Posted by Myrtle_Greenhand - 08-20-07 04:28 - 29 comments

Just wondering when Hobbits, Rangers, Elves, Men, and anyone else