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Title: Sooner Or Later
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Selina Napier - February 20, 2012 08:45 PM (GMT)
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you built up a world of magic
because your real life was tragic

    If there was one thing Selina did not care for with this entire school, provided she was forced to pick just one after all, she would have to say that she did not care for the towers in the slightest. But damn they were indeed the quietest place to be. She just needed some time to herself right now. She wasn't even planning on reading anything right now. She just had herself dressed in her shorts and tank top now and wanted to sit atop this tower and watch the stars come out slowly. They were gorgeous when they twinkled just as the sun complete went away into the horizon line. Like little glimmers of the future as the past went away like a bolt of lightning. Selina sighed to herself as she pulled her shoulder length hair up into a messy bun and looked up at the sky above her.

    There was the first star.

    She closed her eyes and made her first wish of the evening. She quietly said it to herself in a hummed whisper, "Starlight, star bright, first star I see tonight...I wish I may...I wish I might...have the wish I wish toni-" she stopped as she heard foot steps coming up the stairs to the top of the tower.

    Crap! Who the hell was bothering to come up here now? Why now? She just wanted some time to herself. Was that so much to ask for? She hadn't even gotten to make her wish just yet. This was not how she imagined starting her evening at all. Not in the slightest. Maybe she could just hex the person. Selina had her wand of course. Right at the ready in her hand. She always had it. Joker taught her that.

    Other than the countless ways to torment students, Joker taught Selina to always make sure she had her wand with her at all times. It was more important than she would ever know. And he had been right on more than one occasion. To which she was thankful for.

    She clenched her wand in her hand tight and squinted her eyes as she slightly hid around the corner of the cobblestone tower turn. Waiting. Like a tiger for its prey. Just waiting for them to reveal themselves. It was probably just a lost first year or something. Maybe a teacher. Didn't matter. She would still have her wand at the ready. It was the smart thing to do. She then heard the footsteps stop at the top of the stairs and shout a hello outwards to her. As if they knew she was here.

    Selina slowly crept away from her hiding and watched the person. They were still a shadow like figure and she could not even make out what gender they were. But it didn't matter. Wand at the ready. Aim. And be ready. Just in case.

    Just in case.

tag; OPEN
place; Ravenclaw Tower
time; Early evening
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Samantha Crickmore - February 22, 2012 09:58 PM (GMT)
A staircase led from the common room to the top of the Ravenclaw Tower, one of the few perks that Sam enjoyed about her house. Being so high up, the place was drafty in the winter and humid in the summer, but going to the top of the tower to watch the stars or read was definitely something Samantha tended to look forward to. On this particular night, she expected no one to be at the top of the stairs, for most of the students had gone to bed already, but Sam had been stuck in her muggle book and decided to give it just one more the top of the stairs.

Trying to keep her footsteps quiet to not wake her fellow housemates, Sam snuck up the stairs, book tucked under her arm. A slight shuffling ahead of her reached Sam's ears, as if someone had heard her coming and was hiding, so Samantha stopped at the top of the stairs and, wand in hand, called out a hello to whoever may be in the tower with her. She waited for an answer before turning the corner, wondering if it was a stranger and hoping it was only a student.

As the light hit the figure ahead of her, Samantha let out a small gasp, and then a giggle, nearly dropping her book in the process. There stood Selina, wand at the ready as well, who happened to also be Sam's best friend. Shaking her head slightly, Sam smiled and then stepped forward to embrace her friend in a greeting. "Im sorry if I scared you. I thought you went to bed hours ago." Samantha explained.

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